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The Hon Mrs. Justice G. Henry-McKenzie

Hay, Manfas and Mansene Myrie-Hay v Thompson, Clover and Johnathan Prendergast

Recovery of possession of property - Whether the claimants as title holders are the legal owners of the disputed land - Whether the defendants acquired the disputed property by adverse possession - Whether claimant's registered title is extinguished by the operation of the Statute of Limitations - Section 3 and 30 of the Limitation of Actions Act

McLean, Jermaine v Lawrence, Rosa

Division of property - Unmarried couple - Joint tenancy - Constructive trust - Common intention  - Whether beneficial interest parallel to the the legal interest - Who has first option to purchase family home - Entitlement to rental income - Intention as to parties interest in truck - Whether defendant entitled to recover items left in family home.

Simco 2000 Limited v Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd., Simpson, Robert et al

Contract for supply of electricity to premises occupied by claimant - Under registration of electricity  consumption - Disconnection of electricity - Claimant's business suffers financial loss - Claimant commences action against 1st defendant for breach of contract and negligence - Privity of contract - Breach of duty - Whether 1st defendant entitled to payment for under-registration - JPS Back billing  for six years.

Smith-Shirley, Janice v Shirley, Trevor Noel

Division of matrimonial property - Property (Rights of Spouses) Act - Claim for 50% share in property - Parties separated - Application brought more than twelve months after date of separation - No extension of time granted - Whether claim can proceed under section 13 of the Property (Rights of Spouses) Act - Whether section 11 applies - Whether rules of common law and equity apply

Miller, Marlene v Graham, Leroy

Claim for 50% share in property not the family home - Parties cohabiting - Whether spouses - Termnation of cohabitation - Direct and indirect contribution s towards acquisition of roperty not hte family home - Property Rights of Spouses Act S. 13(1)(a), 4(1)(b), 14(2), 14(3) and 14(4).

Chen, Deborah v The University of the West Indies


Application  to strike out claimant's statement of case - University of the West Indies (UWI) Charter, Statutes and Ordinances - Appeal rejection of PH. D Thesis visitor's jurisdiction - Delay in exercising jurisdiction - Breach of constitutional right to a fair hearing within a reasonable time before an independent and impartial tribunal - Jurisdiction of Court to hear matters with visitor's jurisdiction - Availability or alternative remedy to claimant - Civil Procedure Rules Part 56.



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