The Hon. Mr. Justice U. N. Parnell

The Queen v Commissioner of Police and Commissioner of Corrections exparte Orville Cephas

In the Supreme Court
Before : M r , J u s t i c e P a r n e l l
S u i t No, M, 4 7 o~f 1975
The Queen v. Commissioner of P o l i c e and
Commissioner of Corrections
Ex p a r t e O r v i l l e Cephas
( ~ p p l i c a t i o n f o r !writ of Habeas Corpus)
Grant, 2 , C , and Kirlew, Q.C. f o r Applicant
Patrick Robinson of Attorney General's
Henderson Downer and Derrick Hew
1975 - D e c e n w 30 and -31
f o r Respondents
f o r D. P. P,
Jany. 22, 1976 - P a r n e l l , J. :


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