The Hon. Miss Justice Andrea Thomas

E.K.A. (By her father and next friend Ibrahim St. Jude Alder) v Alder, Ibrahim St. Jude v St. Andrew Preparatory School and Dr. Dyer and Ms. Taylor

Application to strike out Claim - Whether the Claimants failed to set out their case- Claimants served Amended Fixed Date Claim Form with Notice of Application for Court Orders with one affidavit - Whether the Claimants failed to serve Affidavit in Support of the Fixed Date Claim Form - Certificate of Next Friend not served-Whether Appropriate case for striking out - Whether the Claimant’s Statements of Case discloses any reasonable Ground for bringing the Claim. Rules;5.2;8.1;8.2;8.8;8.9,23.3;23.6-9;56.9;56.13

Taylor, Franklyn (Attorney for Mark Jackson) v Smith, Symar

Locus standi - Whether the action is brought as a relator’s claim - Whether the claimant has the locus standi to bring the claim (Rule 8.12). Breach of Contract - Whether there is a valid contact between the parties - Whether the contract is void for illegality. Negligence - Bailor - Bailee - Whether the defendant/bailee owed a duty of care to the claimant/bailor - Whether the defendant breached his duty of care - Damage to property.

McNeil, David v Public Supermarket Ltd

Application to Dismiss for want of prosecution - Abuse of the process of the court - Whether there is inordinate inexcusable delay - Whether there is or will be incurable prejudice - Whether a fair trial is possible - Rule 1.1 - Rule 26.3 of the Jamaica Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).

Brooks, Kevin v Edwards, Consolidated with Byfield, Dahlia v Edwards, Christopher

Negligence - Motor vehicle collision - Personal injuries - Damages to motor vehicle
- whether the defendant is liable - Whether the claimants are contributory negligent. Assessment of Damages - Special damages - Whether loss of earning - Loss of future earnings should be strictly proven - Loss of earning capacity - Whether multiplicand/multiplier approach is appropriate - Pain and suffering and loss of amenities.



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