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Peterkin, Arlene Elmarie (On behalf of herself and 32 other residents in the community of Industry Cove, in the parish of Hanover v Natural Resources Conservation Authority, Town and Country Planning Authority and National Housing Trust (2)

Case Number: 
2018 HCV 03058
Neutral Citation: 
[2022] JMSC Civ 115
Date of Delivery: 

Civil Procedure – Application to have affidavits stand as filed – Affidavits filed in support of an application for leave to apply for judicial review – Whether those affidavits filed at the leave stage can be utilized in the judicial review proceedings – Whether the failure to file a supporting affidavit invalidates the fixed date claim form – Whether the failure to file a supporting affidavit is an irregularity – Whether the irregularity can properly be regularized by the court – Whether the affidavit evidence is relevant to the just disposal of the judicial review proceedings – Civil Procedure Rules, 2002, rules 3.7, 3.9, 8.1(2), 56.3, 56.4(12), 56.9(1), 56.9(2), 56.9(3), 56.11(1) and 26.9


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