Fullwood, Andre v The Firearm Licensing Authority

Case Number: 
SU2020 CV00712
Neutral Citation: 
[2021] JMSC Civ 56
Date of Delivery: 

Application for Leave for Judicial Review - Whether there is a discretionary bar of delay - Whether time begins to run from the date of the decision/order or from the date of service of the notice of the decision. No application for extension of time - Whether the Court can on its own motion grant an extension of time. Discretionary Bar - Appeal was filed to the Fire Arms Licensing Review Board prior to the names of the appointees being published in the Jamaica Gazette - Whether the appointment took effect on the date of the signing of the instrument of appointment by the Minister or the date of publication in the Gazette - Whether the Board was properly constituted at the date of the filing of the appeal - Whether the alternative remedy of Appeal to the Review Board is available - (Rule 56).


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