Bent, Linel v Eleanor Evans

Case Number: 
C.L. 1993/B 115
Date of Delivery: 

Land Dispute- registered land- application to bring land under the Registration of Titles

Act- allegation of fraud- meaning offiaud under the Registration of Titles Act -whether

title obtained by fraud- standard of proof required -whether title to be cancelled on

grounds of fraud- The Registration of Titles Act, ss. 42,68,70,161 (d), 153 &I58

Request for adjournment- considerations for grant of an adjournment- no good reason

shown - Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), r.39.7

Evidence- documentary evidence- admissibility- whether documents illegally obtained -

principles governing illegally obtained documents in civil proceedings- proof of

originality and auth>nticity of documents- copy documents disclosed in list of documentsopposing

party sewed no notice to prove authenticity -whether party should be allowed

to object to admissibility of documents at trial on grounds of authenticity - Civil

Procedure Rules (CPR), 2002, r. 28.19


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