Demercado, Wayne v The Firearm Licensing Authority, The Review Board and the Minister of National Security

Judicial Review - Revocation of Firearm User’s Licence - Failure to conduct hearing by Review Board and Minister – Should the Review Board provide detailed reasons to further an appeal – Role of Review Board – Role of Minister - Decision of Minister made without reasons - Whether delay is breach of natural justice – Statutory Interpretation – Firearms Act, 1967, Firearms(Appeals to Minister) Regulations

Hylton, Denise v Thompson, Peter

Judicial review - Application to strike out -  Misjoinder of respondent - Application for leave to apply for judicial review.

Grant, Victoria, Linsford Hamilton and Cyril Anderson et al v Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners, Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners 11 et al

Injunction – Application for the grant of an injunction – Threshold test – Whether there is a serious issue to be tried – Balance of convenience – Whether the balance of convenience lies in favour of the grant of injunctive relief – Irreparable harm – Whether the applicants would suffer irreparable harm should the application for the grant of an injunction be refused – Whether the respondents would suffer irreparable harm should the application for the grant of an injunction be allowed – Application for the grant of an injunction made against the background of a constitutional claim challen

Dunkley, Kurt v Levy, Dwight

Application for leave to appeal and for stay of proceedings – Relevant
considerations – Real prospect of success – Risk of injustice – Factors determining application for leave to apply and grant of stay

Bonus Car Rental and Services Limited v Dunn, Ian

Contempt of Court – Breach of order to return items - Party in breach acting on
advice of attorney-at-law - Whether a defence - Whether a mitigating factor - Purpose
of sanction for “civil” contempt - Appropriate fine - Observations on applicability of
authorities from other jurisdictions.


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