Chas E. Ramson Limited v The Commissioner of Customs

Revenue Law - Customs Tariff (Revision) (Amendment) Resolution 2007 - Interpretation - Tariff Heading 04.01 and 04.02 - Meaning of “Cream” - Meaning of “concentrated” and “not concentrated” - Whether Elle & Vire whipping and cooking creams imported by the Appellant are “creams, concentrated” within the meaning of Tariff Heading 04.02.

Addiman, Nathan and Wiggan, Ryan v Gardener, Uriah

Expert Witness - Rule 32.2 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) – Case Management Powers - Parts 25 and 26 of the CPR - Application for Stay of Proceedings pending examination by an expert - Whether the Applicants’ request is reasonable - Whether the Respondent’s refusal is unreasonable – The risk of prejudice to either party should the stay be granted or refused

Higgins, Marlan (Executor of Estate of Egbert Higgins) v Christie, Sherman

Whether claimant authorized to initiate proceedings by himself - Whether Agreement for Sale between deceased and defendant remained a valid agreement - Whether counterclaim statute barred - Whether executor should be made to transfer property to defendant - Whether executor entitled to mesne profit - Whether executor estopped from seeking recovery of possession.

Stephens, Robert v Port Royal Development Company Limited

Companies Act – Application for permission to bring derivative action – Whether Respondent has a cause of action related to the government’s breach of a Memorandum of Understanding - Whether section 212 notice to directors adequate - Whether shareholders and/or “the secretariat” are valid intended defendants to the intended derivative action - Whether intended claim is in the interest of the company.



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