Grayson, Alfred v The Board of Hopewell High School

Judicial review – Claim for judicial review – Availability of remedy – Certiorari – Wrongful dismissal of dean of discipline – Natural justice – Rules of natural justice not observed in dismissal procedure – Claimant not allowed to call witnesses at the hearing in the dismissal procedure – Whether an order of certiorari should be granted – The Education Regulations, 1980, regulations 55, 56, 57, 59, 61, 62 and 89

Adjudah, Silvera v Attorney General of Jamaica

Application for leave to appeal – Real chance of success – Limitations of Actions Act – Fraudulent concealment – Jurisdiction of the Master – Striking out of claim – Date on which judgment takes effect – Considerations on application for leave to appeal.

Berry, Linton v Attorney General

Constitutional Law – Whether breach of constitutional rights – Right to equitable and humane treatment by public authority – Right to enjoy healthy and productive environment – Right to protection from torture, or inhuman or degrading punishment – Whether claimant provided with access to life-saving food and medication, meals and medication in a timely manner and adequate access to medical and dental care.

Beckford, Lillian v Beckford, Leonard

Claim for entitlement in property - Property (Rights of Spouses) Act, S. 2, 6,7,10,12,13  and  14 -  Family home - Equal share rule - Displacement /varying of the equal share rule 

Henry, Judine v Wedderburn, Tyrone

Claim for conversion and detinue – Distinction between conversion and detinue – Remedies available in conversion and detinue – Whether the defendant received all of the disputed items – Which of the disputed items, if any, the defendant received, as gifts – Whether the defendant entered into a contractual agreement with the claimant to supervise the construction of the claimant’s house – Whether the defendant purchased and shipped any of the disputed items – Measure of damages for conversion and detinue – Quantum to be awarded as special damages to the claimant – Making of an award for loss



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