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Gordon, Albert v English, Valerie and The Attorney General of Jamaica

Trespass to land - Irregularly issued warrant -  Whether person on whose behalf a warrant of possession was issued or bailiff can be liable in trespass Negligence - Whether Clerk of Court can be liable in negligence or otherwise for irregularly issued warrant - Whether the Attorney General can be liable for the action of a Clerk of Court in issuing an irregular warrant - Whether breach of a consent order without more is a cause of action.

Gorstew Limited v Shelly-Williams, Her Hon. Lorna, Patrick Lynch, Pyne, Jeffrey and Barber, Catherine2

Judicial Review – Renewal of application for leave to apply for judicial review – Whether there is an arguable ground for judicial review with a realistic prospect of success – Whether Resident Magistrate erred in upholding no case submission – Whether decision of Resident Magistrate unreasonable in a Wednesbury sense – Whether order of Certiorari should be granted quashing decision of Resident Magistrate – Whether alternative remedy exists – Whether Declaration amounts to adequate alternative remedy – Whether declaration sought would have same effect as order for certiorari - Costs

Moo Young, Ervin v Dewar, Debbian, Cheddisingh, Marshenee and ZIP (103) FM Limited

Company law - Section 213a of the Companies Act - Unfair prejudice - Whether injunction should be granted against possible action taken on passed resolution - Whether injunction should be granted against the defendant acting as a director until court considers the matter - Whether a suitable person should be appointed in the interim

Edwards, Cordella v Edwards, Derrick

Matrimonial Property - Parties Separated- Division of Family Home - Sections 6, 7, 12, 13, 14 of the Property (Rights of Spouses) Act - Variation of Equal Share Rule - Pre-separation and Post - Separation Mortgage Payments by one Party - Financial Provision - Sections 4, 5, 8, 14 of the Maintenance Act - Child Maintenance - Spousal Maintenance.



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