Careif Ltd. and Tharpe, Anthony v The Financial Services Commission, Wynter, Brian and Roper, George

Application to strike out – Applicable legal principles – Several claims – Whether some of the claims being pursued are unknown in law – How court should approach question as to whether there exists reasonable grounds for bringing claim – Whether the 2nd and 3rd defendants are immune from liability – Allegation that defamation claim is statute-barred – Procedural defence – Need to assert procedural defence in filed defence – Failure to provide sufficient pertinent particulars in statement of case – Application for constitutional redress – Adequate alternative means of redress available – Ne

Jobson, Demetri and Jobson, Max v Administrator General of Jamaica and New Falmouth Resorts Limited

Application by 1st defendant to strike out claim - Legal principles to be applied - Abuse of process - Claim seeks reliefs for alleged negligence pertaining to administration of deceased's estate - Whether remedy for breach of trust can properly be pursued as a ngeligence claim - Section 39 and 40  of the Administrator General's Act - Failure to comply with duties of trustee - Need to set out cause of action in claim form.

Seawind Key Investments Limited v Copia Communications LLC

Civil procedure − Application for leave to file defence out of time – Defendant failing to file defence with time set by rules – Defendant failing to file defence in time set by court order – Defendant in breach of court order.

Wright, Nyron v Collins, Ceon et al

Limitation of actions - Application to amend ancillary defence-whether proposed ancillary claim statute barred - Law Reform (Tort-Feasors) Act - Civil Procedure Rules Parts 18 and 20



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