Michel, Stanley Gabriel Marzo v Banton, Bonnetta and Reid, Desroy

Application for interim payment - Application for summary judgment - Contested issues of fact between opposing defendants who have counterclaimed against each other - Contested issues of fact between defendants and claimant - Legal principles to be applied.


Hitchins, Randy v Whitter, Gavel and Green, Patrick

Negligence – Motor vehicle collision – One vehicle on the wrong side of dual carriageway – Whether lawfully there due to road conditions – Whether contributory negligence due to speed – Damages – Spinal injury 30% permanent partial disability.

Hugh Sam, Suzette Ann Marie v Hugh Sam, Quentin Chong

Property (Rights of Spouses) Act – Determination of interest in land on which house is located – Whether house is family house – Determination of interest in land on which businesses are located – Declaration of entitlement to interest, shares and profits in businesses, - Order for transfer of ownership of motor vehicle.

Cole, Dexter v Pinkney, Lissa

Negligence – Bicycle Rider – Duty of Motor vehicle exiting premises onto roadway – Whether cross examiner can raise issue not raised in pleadings or witness Statement – Whether Loss of Earning Capacity and Loss of Earnings are the same head of damage.

Allen, Gladstone v Allen, Donald

Property Dispute - Claim for declaration of beneficial interest in estate property – Claim for sale of estate property – Application for injunctive relief

Carter, Tricia v Parnell, Lloyd

Division of Property – Unmarried couple - Claim for 50% share of property said not to be intended to be a home although occupied by the family.



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