Campbell, Paul Everton v Diahann Rose Campbell

Maintenance - Application to varv consent order for maintenance of child -

Application made pursuant to the Children (Guardianship and Custody) Act -

Whether the circumstances of the applicant are to be taken into account -Whether

the provisions of the Maintenance Act are applicable

Brown, Carl Barrington v Holiday Inn Jamaica Inc

Practice and Procedure - Default Judgment entered prior to the introduction of the

CPR - No application made for case management conference - Whether claim

struck out in accordance with the provision\ of rule 73.3 of the CPR

Boothe, Errol v Cheketa Boothe

Divorce - Application to set aside Decree Absolute for irregularity - Notice of

application for Decree Absolute not served on Respondent - rant of Decree

Absolute affecting Respondent's rights to apply under the Married Women's

Property Act - Whether Decree Absolute void for irregularity - Rule 49 of the

Matrimonial Causes Rules 1989

Blair, Dave v Hugh C. Hyman & Co, Hugh C. Hyman

Practice and Procedure - Application to set aside default judgment - Delay in filing

Defence - Wbether Defence has any real prospect of success - Rule 13.3 of the CPR

- Limitation period in Tort

Binns, Weston v Moxy Simpson and Israel Sinclair

Employer - Employee - Nepligence of Employee-Scope of Employment - vicarious

liability of Employer of Motor Vehicle Driver who deviated from Route - Iniury to

Driver of other Vehicle - Liability of Employer