Master Heather Carnegie (Ag.)

Jones, Ricardo v Walters, Warren James

Civil Procedure –– Whether time has expired for making application to challenge the jurisdiction of the court - Whether the defendant has waived the right to challenge the jurisdiction of the Court - Service of a claim form after the period of validity – Civil Procedure Rules 8.14, 9, 10 and 26.9.

Betty, Jude Constantine v Wellington, Bernard

Civil – Leave to intervene to set aside default costs certificate – Civil Procedure Rules 1, 64 and 65 – Whether insurer can intervene to set aside a default costs certificate – Whether default judgment constitutes proceedings that would properly allow for the insurance company to intervene.

Dassado, Roy v Brown, Jennifer

Property Rights of Spouses Act (PROSA) – Common law property - Application to make claim for division of family home - Delay – Prejudice – Whether the overriding objective can be preserved in the granting or non-granting of the extension of time – Limitation of Actions Act – Adverse possession.


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