The Honourable Miss Justice Opal Smith (Ag.)

Brown, Odel v Treasure, Maple

Proprietary estoppel - House built on land with consent - Intention of the
parties - Extent of equitable interest - Determine proportionality between
expectation and detriment, unconscionability test - Building Act, 2018.

Graham, Vernaldo v Attorney General of Jamaica

Application to Strike Out Statement of Case - Crown Proceedings Act - Constabulary
Force Act - Claim brought in respect of Judge of the Supreme Court - Prosecutor and

Police - Malicious Prosecution - False Imprisonment - Loss of Family Life?


Application for Leave to Appeal - Real Chance of success, overriding objectives,
Strict adherence to the Case Management time lines, best interest of the child,
welfare of the child

McAlliser, Godfrey v Webb, Christopher

Civil Procedure: Application for Summary Judgment on a FDCF – Summary
Judgment – Whether court can correct error in Application – Application to Strike



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