The Honourable Miss Justice Althea Jarrett (Ag.)

McLean, Dwayne v McKenzie, Desmond William

Setting aside Default Judgment under CPR 13.3 - Is there a defence with a real prospect of success - If there is a defence with a real prospect of success how should the considerations under CPR 13.3(2) be applied on the facts.

Thomas, Omobowale v Gardner, Rohan and Webb, Marlon

Setting Aside Default Judgment – CPR 13.3 – Whether the defence is one with a real prospect of success – Whether the defendant applied to set aside the defence as soon as reasonably practicable – Whether there is a good explanation for failing to file an acknowledgement of service within the time stipulated by the CPR – Whether the claim form was served

Prendergast, Calvin v Walker, Jolly

Quantum of damages - Multiple fractures - scaring - 17% whole person impairment - Prolonged recovery - The subjective element in the assessment of damages.


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