The Hon. Mrs. Justice Simone Wolfe-Reece

Daley, Jeffrey v Daley, Hamilton Carl

Freezing Order - Good arguable case - Real risk of party dissipating assets - Where there is hardship on the defendant his legitimate interests must prevail over that of
the claimant - Court’s objective is to obtain just results - Serious issue to be tried - Adequacy of damages - Balance of convenience- Accounting by Executor - Court must not act in vain

Ernest Smith & Co (A Firm); Smith, Ernest; Smith, Nesta-Clair et al Consolidated with Thompson, Hugh and The Attorney General of Jamaica

Constitutional law - Right to a fair hearing within a reasonable time- Delay/impossibility of a judgment being delivered - Reasonable time guarantee- Remedies for breach of the section 16(2) right – Damages - Measure of damages - Whether summary assessment of the nominate torts would be an appropriate remedy – Costs - Costs thrown away – Section 16(2) the charter of fundamental rights and freedom

Cohen, Lisa v Administrator General for Jamaica

Family law - Whether a common law relationship existed between the applicant and the deceased - Whether the applicant is a spouse within the meaning of the Act - Intestate Estates and Property Charges Act S. 1 and 2.



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