The Hon. Mrs. Justice Lisa Palmer Hamilton

Williams, Roger v Edgehill Homes Limited

Civil Practice & Procedure -  Breach of Contract – Fraud – Whether the purported agreement is fraudulent – Whether the purported agreement is therefore valid – Whether there exists sufficient acts of part performance in relation to the alleged oral agreement – Damages for breach of contract – Quantum Meruit basis

Sprague, Robert v Bonus Parts, Accessories & Auto Imports Limited

Company Law - Civil Practice and Procedure – Civil Procedure Rule 27.2 (8) – Fixed Date Claims (First Hearings) – Section 212 of the Companies Act – Application for Leave to bring Derivative Action in the name and on behalf of the company – Statutory requirements to be met (reasonable notice, good faith & appears to be in the interest of the company) – Section 213 of the Companies Act – Court’s Powers.

Bignall, Vaughn O'Neil v The General Legal Council and the Attorney General of Jamaica

Constitutional Law - Constitution of Jamaica - Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms - Sections 13 (3) (a), (c), (d), (e) and 16 (2).
The Legal Profession Act - Sections 3, 11 and 12 (7) - Legal Profession (Canons of Professional Ethics) Rules - Advertising regulations comprised in canons II (d) (ii), II(e), II (h), II (i), II (j), II(k) and II(l).



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