The Hon Mrs. Justice G. Henry-McKenzie (Ag.)

Mayne, Gregory v Atherton, Julie Riettie

Default Judgment - Application to set aside – Whether default judgment should
be set aside as of right – Whether defendant has a real prospect of successfully
defending the claim - Rules 13.2 and 13.3 CPR.

Richmond Farms Limited and Brooks, Mark v Holland, Georgina

Summary judgment - Application - Civil Procedure Rules 15.2 - Contract law - Breach of contract - Demand loan agreements - Whether promissory notes - Intentioin to creat legal relations - whether claim statute barred - Undue influence - Bank of Jamaica Act S. .22A(2) - Moneylending Act S. 8(1), (2) and (3) - Stamp Duby Act S 35 and 36.

Henry, Troy v Nixon, Javette

Road Traffic Act - Negligence - Motor vehicle collision at intersection of main road and minor road - Car turning across a main road unto minor road - Duty of turning driver - Duty of the motorcyclist on correct side of the road - Motorcyclist not wearing helmet - Contributory negligence


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