The Hon. Mr. Justice Kirk Anderson

Recreational Holdings I (Jamaica) Limited v Lazarus, Carl and The Registrar of Titles Consolidated with Lazarus, Carl v Recreational Holdings I (Jamaica) Limited

Summary Judgment Applications – General principles to be applied by Court in respect of Summary Judgment Applications - Adverse possession – What constitutes adverse possession - Trespass to property – Common mistake of parties as to title to property – Both parties holding title – Adverse possession and lawful title – Acquiescence – Relationship between acquiescence and knowledge – Affidavit evidence – Need to state source of information and belief – Opinion evidence deposed to in Affidavit.

East, Aston v Freckelton, George

Unless Order – Breach of Unless Order – Whether Court has discretion to extend time for compliance of Unless Order – Civil Procedure Rules 6.6, 6.6(1), 26.2(1), 26.1(2) (c) and 26.9. – Application dismissed – Cost to Claimant.

Duncan, Robert and Duncan,Jennie v Smith, Ralph

Contract for sale of property – Whether there was breach of contract by claimants or defendant – Failure by claimants to comply with terms of contract for sale of property – Termination of contract for sale of property – Effect of termination of contract for sale of property.



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