The Hon. Mr. Justice Evan Brown

Watson, Nathan v The Attorney General of Jamaica

Negligence – Collision at intersection controlled by traffic signals – Whether defendant liable – Assessment of cost of caregiver – National Minimum Wage used as a guide to estimate cost of care to accident victim – Minimum Wage Act S.3 – Interpretation Act S.21

Lambie, Basil Louis Hugh (Also known as Louis Lambie and Levy, Hugh (Representative of the Estate of Leroy Lambie, deceased) v Lambie, Marva (Administrator Ad Litem for the Estate of Max Lambie, deceased) et al

Administration of estate – Probate – Interpretation of Will – Doctrine of lapse - Exhibition of inventory and accounts – Delay and the duty to account - Revocation of Probate – Chain of representation - Grant de bonis non – Wills Act – Trustee Act – Limitation of Actions Act 5.28

Virgo, Amos v Nam, Steve

Practice and procedure - Application for summary judgment - Rule in Hollington v Hewthorn - Admissibility of please of guilty in criminal case - Whether defendant should be allowed to explain plea in civil trial.

Jamaica Redevelopment Foundation v Premier Food Jamaica Ltd & G. Anthony Levy

Summary Judgment - summary judgment will not be granted where what is

placed before the court is the inert dry bones of the case, waiting to be called

to life by the breath of oral testimony. For only the prophet would be seized

with the prescience to know what form the inert dry bones would assume once

r- clothed with testimonial sinew.