The Hon. Mr. Justice Dale Palmer

Kinlock, Desmond v McFarlane, Denny and Campbell, Patrick et al

Application for extension of time to file defence – Application to strike out of statement of case for being prolix – Application to strike out the case against the other Defendants as the Attorney General is the proper party to the claim – Application to strike out the statement of case that refers to Breach of Social contract – CPR rules 8.9, 8.9A, 26.3(1)(c), (d) and 34.2 - Crown Proceedings Act – Request for information

Roberts, Earnestine v Parkinson, Dave George

Limitation of Actions Act; sections 3, 4, 14 and 30 – Adverse Possession – Whether joint tenancy has been severed – Whether there was a partnership to operate jointly owned property for mutual benefit.



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