The Hon. Mr. Justice Courtney Daye

Morris, John W. v Radio Jamaica Limited and Johnson, Latoya

Defamation - Meaning of words - Ordinary and natural meaning – Defences –
Justification -Truth - Reynolds Privilege - Public interest- Apology - Mitigation of
Damages - Quantum of Damages- Interest on Damages - Costs - Defamation Act
2013, SS. 12 14, 15, 20, 23, 24, 30 - Evidence (Special Measures) Act, 2012 - Cross-
Examination of Journalist by video link

Worldwise Partners Limited and Strachan, Noel v Financial Services Commission

Cease and Desist Order – Section 68(b), (IB) Securities Act, 1993 – Financial
Service Commission Act, 2001, sections 2,3, 6, 8, - Nature of activity of Company
taking money from investors – Section 2, Securities Act – meaning – Dealing in
security business – Fairness of Procedure by Financial Service Commission –
natural Justice – Jurisdiction of Financial Service Commission - Right of Appeal –
Sec. 68(C) or Sec. 74 of Securities Act.

Barrett, Mirian v Truman, Fredrick

Application Summary Judgment – Rule 15.2 CPR 2002 - Effect of plea of guilty in
criminal case - Effect of Request for and or refusal to give Information to party –
Rule 34 CPR 2002 - Test for Summary Judgment – Defence inevitable accident.

Francis, Franklin v Smith, Fitzgerald

Employer Duty of Care to Employee - Safe System of Work – Breach of Duty of Care - Road Worthiness of Assigned Motor Vehicle to Employee - Cause of Accident - Employee - Driver/Deliveryman/Mechanic - Contributory Negligence - Damages for Personal Injury

Griffiths, Duzeth v Scarlett, Brillyan

Motor Vehicle Accident - Pedestrian – One way Road- breach duty of care – Cause of injury to pedestrian – Past injury to left leg by gunshot or present injury to left ankle - Damages



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