Live Stream: Call to The Bar January 21, 2022


Please note that as of September 16, 2021, applications for restrictive covenants will be heard on Tuesdays only.


The Hon. Miss Justice Tricia Hutchinson (Ag.)

Dunkley, Suzie-Ann v Clarke, Errol

Application for Declaration of Ownership – Matrimonial Property – Property other than the family home – Contribution –Section 14 PROSA

Christie, Kereen v Turnbull, Ernest

Effective date of separation – Discussion on application for leave to apply for extension – Effect of other property owned by relevant party – Is application negatively impacted when wrong procedure used within 12 month period – Assessment of contribution of parties to acquisition.

Blake, Evon v Gleaner Company Ltd.

Application for relief from sanctions – Consideration of rule 26.8 – Effect of non-Compliance with orders – Unless order – Good explanation - Delay.



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