The Hon. Miss Justice Nicole Simmons

Mr. D v Mrs. D

Family Law – Custody of children – Application to vary of order - Change in circumstances – Custodial parent no longer resident in the jurisdiction.

Lethe Estate Limited and Great River Rafting and Plantation Tour Limited v Jamaica Public Service Company Limited

Land law – Easement - Validity
Wayleave agreement – Effect of non registration – Electric Lighting Act s.41
Trespass to land- Acquiescence - Damages
Company law – whether the veil of incorporation ought to be lifted
Interest – whether interest at a commercial rate ought to be awarded
Rule 26.1 (7) of the Civil Procedure Rules, 2002 - Application to vary order or revoke order – draft judgment – overriding objective

Higgins, Larson v Tajin, MT

Admiralty Law - Admiralty Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court – Whether claim for personal injuries properly brought in rem.
Interim Payment - Claim brought in rem - Civil Procedure Rules, 2002 part 17 Marine Insurance - Protection and Indemnity Club



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