The Hon. Miss Justice Ingrid Mangatal

R A. Murray International Limited v Goldson, Brian


Arbitration proceedings-section 12(1) of the Arbitration Act - Removal of arbitrator for misconduct - Meaning of “misconduct”- Matters that may properly be taken into account - removal of arbitrator for apparent bias – Whether real danger of bias.

Air Jamaica Limited v Stuarts Travel Service Limited and J.F Stuart et al

Application to make provisional charging order final principles involved – Whether charging order in relation to land must inevitably lead to writ of execution in the form of order for sale of land – Whether judgment creditor must seek the courts permission to apply for provisional charging order when over six years have passed since entry of judgment – what comprises judgment debt

Index communication Network Limited v Capital Solutions Limited et al

Practice and Procedure - Application to strike out claim as disclosing no reasonable cause of action - Application to amend Particulars of Claim in the face of striking out application - Application before Case Management -Whether amendment can take place without permission of court - Rules 20.1, 20.2 , 20.4 of the CPR - Whether Rule 20.1 allows more than one amendment of Statement of Case without Court’s permission - Principles guiding court -Whether Claimant has a real prospect of succeeding on the amendments at trial - Need for evidence upon which to find real prospect of success



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