Hunter, Winston, Johanna Hunter v Benjamin Hunter

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Defaulf judgment - Appliation to set aside whelfher the CPR has two

drsfinct mbnC for sethng aside - whefier pemission mqmUId to He

acknowledgement of seml'ce ozzt of h-me - whether an imgularly obtained

default judgment can be vmBM-e Rd. 13.2 mdR . 13.3.

Wem an acknowledgement of semke is filed befom lfhe request for

judgment in default to be enterred? lfhough filed oufside of time allowed by

fhe general rule7 any defaulf judgment so ented wll be incgular and

must be set aside. emo om, the co& is not compeent to vary that

judgment to mske it m d in default of fie fifikg of a defence even whem

no defence has been filed.


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