Henry, Fitzroy v Ranglin,George,Nipo-Line Limited et al

Case Number: 
2008 HCV 05233
Date of Delivery: 

Contract - ostensible loan contract - whether enforceable - public policy -

. award of costs.

The court finds it more than a little unpalatable to adjudicate upon a .

document the product of the devil's draftsman. The veneer of.

.moneylending jargon which clads the agreements is as efficacious as.

Adam's fig leaf.

The enforcement of these contracts would be the inexorable, if unwitthg, .

legitimization of what was prima facie an AIS. The pernicious socioeconomic

consequences to the public of so doing are incalculable. The

peace, order and good governance of the state must be of fundamental

concern to the state and the public as a whole. These principles and

standards are not promoted by a scheme, the probable consequence of

which is injury to the public.


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