Branch Development Ltd. TA Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Hotel v The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited

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[2019] JMSC Civ 179
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Applicability of Account Agreements – Generally, later contracts rescind or vary previous contracts in relation to the same subject matter – Most recent Agreement applicable – No basis to have recourse to the common law – Implied Plea of non est factum – No duty to explain effect of Agreements – Fraudulent cheques containing forged signatures – Account debited based on the payments on fraudulent cheques – Alleged breach of contract – Express provisions covering customer’s duties – Effect of forgery clause – Forgery clause neither unreasonable nor ambiguous – Scope of verification/conclusive evidence clause – Effect of failure to maintain adequate systems and controls to prevent and detect fraud and monitor conduct of employees – No breach of contract – Alleged breach of duty of care – No fiduciary relationship in existence – Any duty of care owed in tort cannot exceed the contractual duty – No tortious liability.


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