36. What is the procedure for applying for a protection order?

Pursuant to Section 3 of the Domestic Violence Act the Court may, on application, grant a protection order or occupation order. 

An application for any of these orders may be made-

(a)    by the spouse or parent in respect of whom the alleged conduct has been, or is likely to be, engaged in by            the respondent;


where the alleged conduct is used or threatened against a child or dependent by-


a person with whom the child or dependent normally resides or resides on a regular basis;


a parent or guardian of the child or dependent;


a dependent who is not mentally disabled;


a person who is approved' by the Minister responsible for social welfare to carry out social welfare work; or


 a Constable;


by a person who is a member of the respondent's household or who is in a visiting relationship with the respondent, in respect of the alleged conduct engaged in or threatened by the respondent toward that person.


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