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10. What are the conditions for an adoption to be granted?

Birth parents have to agree by giving their consent to adopt, unless:

            (1)  they are dead, in this scenario evidence of their death will have to be provided;

            (2)  children are wards of the state;

            (3)  birth parents cannot be found; at which time evidence of attempts made to locate them for                    example advertisement in the local newspaper must be provided;

            (4)  birth parents are incapable of giving consent due to mental disability and this must be accompanied                      by medical evidence.

            (5)   birth parents are withholding consent unreasonably.  

Applicants must be twenty-five years and over, however, if the applicant is related to the child being adopted, they can be under twenty-five (25) years old but over eighteen (18) years. Application should be done by a single person, however, two parents married to each other can adopt with the agreement of the other (singly) and the applicant must be domiciled in Jamaica.

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