Bailey Terrelonge Allen (A firm) v National Transport Co-operative Society Limited

Recovery of Attorney’s costs – Contingency Agreement - Application for an Interim Declaration – Application for a Charging Order - Solicitors Act – Part 48 of Civil Procedure Rules – Section 28D of the Judicature (Supreme Court) Act - Whether Charging Order and/or Interim Declaration can be granted in the circumstances – Abridgement of time to hear application – Does the circumstances warrant an abridgment of time – Application for Interim Declaration granted – Application for a Charging Order refused – Application for Abridgement of time refused.

Thomas, Enid v Thoms, Christopher

Breach of contract – Building contract- Abandonment of construction of house – Implied condition of cooperation- Measure of damages

Powell, Leslie v Virgo, Andrew and Fulton, Christopher

Civil Procedure - Application to set aside default judgment - CPR Rule 13.2-CPR Rule 13.3 - Application to set aside irregularly obtained judgment - Applicant also relying on CPR Rule 13.3 - Tests to be applied in either situation - Whether judgment should be set aside.


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