Green, Noel v Garbage Disposal & Sanitation Systems Limited Consolidated with Lowe, Laureston v Garbage Disposal & Sanitation Limited et al

Civil Procedure - Application to strike out Defendant’s Statement of Case – Non-compliance with Case Management Conference Orders – Documents filed outside of the prescribed time – Defendant’s Application for Relief from Sanctions - Application not made promptly – No Good Explanation for Delay after filing the Witness Statement and Summary – Delay Unintentional – Whether in the circumstances the Defendant’s Statement of Case should be struck.

Nelson, Tivy Austin v Nelson, Melva Evadne

Entitlement to Property – Intestacy – Joint Property – Application seeking Court’s Intervention and Direction – Presumption of Death Order – Application to set aside Presumption of Death Order – Whether the Presumption of Death Order is a Final Order or Interlocutory Order – Application seeking Beneficial Interest in Estate – Declaration of Legal Spouse – Entitlement to apply for Grant of Letters of Administration – Application to set aside Presumption of Death Order refused.

Haughton, Monica v Personnel Committee of The Board of Management of Liberty Hill Primary School, Ministry of Education and Attorney General of Jamaica

Judicial Review - Application for leave to apply for Judicial Review - Allegations of Professional Misconduct - Breach of Financial Administration and Auditing Act - Education Act – Education Regulations - Whether there is an arguable case with a realistic prospect of success - Continuation of hearing complain before inappropriate body – Matter Statute-Barred – Sufficient interest – Alternative Remedy available – Section 37 of the Education Act – Appellate Procedure – Application for Judicial Review fails.

Lunan, Ian v Sudine, Rohan

Tenancy agreement – Periodic tenancy – Notice to quit – Re – entry by landlord onto leased premises – Failure of tenant to end occupation of leased premises – Claim for damages for breach of contract and damages for lost opportunity – whether there was a breach of contract by the parties – Failure by claimant to comply with terms of lease – Failure by defendant to comply with terms of lease – Proof of special damages


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