Hendricks, Vallen Donovan v Hendricks, Pauline Paula

Application for maintenance of child of marriage – Maintenance Act – Principles – Application for extension of time – Principles – Property (Right of Spouses) Act – Application for entitlement to share in property – Family Home – Resulting in trust/Constructive Trust – Principle

Shim, Elonia v Shim, Miguel

Husband and Wife - Whether property is matrimonial property –
Couple married and lived in England – Subsequently returning to Jamaica – Defendant inheriting property – Application for division of property – Last will and testament of defendant disposing of contested property – Prior will naming Claimant as beneficiary – Divorce proceedings by Defendant aborted

Chin, David v Attorney General of Jamaica

Constitutional law – Search of Jamaican Vessel by foreign forces – Maritime Drug Trafficking (Suppression) Act – Whether law authorises search while Jamaican vessel in Jamaican port


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