Hugh Sam, Suzette Ann Marie v Hugh Sam, Quentin Chong

Property (Rights of Spouses) Act – Determination of interest in land on which house is located – Whether house is family house – Determination of interest in land on which businesses are located – Declaration of entitlement to interest, shares and profits in businesses, - Order for transfer of ownership of motor vehicle.

Cole, Dexter v Pinkney, Lissa

Negligence – Bicycle Rider – Duty of Motor vehicle exiting premises onto roadway – Whether cross examiner can raise issue not raised in pleadings or witness Statement – Whether Loss of Earning Capacity and Loss of Earnings are the same head of damage.

Allen, Gladstone v Allen, Donald

Property Dispute - Claim for declaration of beneficial interest in estate property – Claim for sale of estate property – Application for injunctive relief

Carter, Tricia v Parnell, Lloyd

Division of Property – Unmarried couple - Claim for 50% share of property said not to be intended to be a home although occupied by the family.

McIntosh, Paulette Diana v Campbell, Eric George

Property (Rights of Spouses) Act, Section 13(2) - Fixed Date Claim Form (FDCF) filed outside of limitation period - Application for extension of time to bring Claim.  Application to strike out FDCF

Robinson, Leon Courtney (Executor of the estate of Herman L. Denton, deceased) v Chen, Michelle; Chen, Thelma and Chen, Errol (1)

Application for Recovery of Possession – 1st Purchasers unable to complete – Effect of Notice to Complete and making time of the essence served on 1st purchasers – Whether contract with 1st purchasers was ended before vendor entered new contract for sale of the same property with the 2nd purchasers – 2nd purchasers obtaining order for specific performance of contract against vendor – Whether case should be reopened and 2nd purchasers added as ancillary defendants so that the respective interests of the 1st and 2nd purchasers in the property could be determined in one proceedings – Whether d


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