Ebanks, Seymour v Charles Ebanks, Joyce Ebanks

Contract - Construction of a house - Scope of the contract - Whether majority of

the work comprised in one contract or two - Some aspects of the work undone -

deductions to be made for work not done

Dunn, Walter v Glencore Alumina Ja Ltd.

Negligence - Employer's Liability - Experienced emplovee sustaining chemical

burns - Flooded work area - Whether employer failed to ensure correct safetv

footwear worn - Whether employee contributorily negli~en-t Whether uncovered

drain unsafe - Proximate cause of injury

Damages - whether loss of overtime wapes are recoverable

Ducasse, Jean, Prince Myers & Allan Holmes v NCB Ja. Ltd, etal

Pension - Occupational Pension Scheme - Employer substituting one pension

scheme for others - Whether substitution in breach of trust deeds establishing the

originals - Whether terms of new scheme a breach of members' contracts of

employment - Whether loss caused to members of the original schame - Whether

approval by the trustees of the substitution constituted negligence

Clarke, Lloyd v Corporal E. F. Quest, etal

Assessment of Damages; Spinal injury arising from gunshot wound inflicted by police

officer leading to paralysis below waist; Incontinence of bowels and bladder; allegation

of impotence


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