Hall, Winston v Glencore Alumina JA. Ltd

Negligence - Employer's Liability - Casual labourer sustaining lower back iniury -

Whether worker sustaining back injury while on a previous tour of duty with the

emplover - Whether job required protective equipment - Whether employer


Graham, Donna Marie v Hugh Anthony Graham

Matrinzorzial Property - Husband and wife- Entitlement to the farnily home - The equal

share rule -Extended family- Family home for benefit of thirdparty dependants of one

spouse - Third party contribution to family home on behalf of one spouse - Whether

proper application made for variatior!: of the equal share rule - Whether application of

equal share rule unreasonable or unjust - Burden ofproof - Departure front equality -

Gordon, Lisamae v Fair Trading Commission

Employment - Wrongful dismissal - Fixed term contract for service providing for

termination with notice or payment in lieu thereof - Employer terminating with

payment in lieu but mentioning reasons leading to termination - Whether employer

terminating for cause without utilising the established disciplinary procedure -

Whether termination amounted to wrongful repudiation


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