The Hon. Mr. Justice Lennox Campbell

Director Of Public Prosecutions v Mendez, Roxroy

Pecuniary Penalty Order - The Drugs Offences (Forfeiture of Proceeds Act, 1994 - Offenders Benefit Obtained - Assessment of Benefit Obtained – Realisable Benefit - Section 17(2), "the lesser sum"- Constitutionality of Confiscatory Orders.

Penn, Naval v Hagigal, Keith

Assessment of damages - Fifth and seventh edition American Medical Association Guidelines - Comparable cases - Permanent impairments ratings - Injuries of same nature and type - Handicap on labour market.

Nelson, Annette and Brown, Luscelda v Murray, Glasspole

Private Nuisance – Construction of roadway on common property – Roadway
constitutes a danger – Whether user unreasonable and alien. Easement of Necessity – Rule in Wheeldon and Burrows – Presumed intention of
parties – Alternate Access – Right of footpath or General right of way Injunctive Relief – Principles governing the exercise of the courts discretion –
Material infringement of Claimant’s right – Conduct of parties.

Campbell, Clinton v McCallum, Joyce and Whitmore, Renae

Beneficial entitlement to property - visiting relationship - principles of constructive trust -

absence of expressed agreement - common intention of the partia - requirement of

detriment - quantification of the beneficial interesb


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