The Hon. Mr. Justice Bryan Sykes

McCoy, Arthur and McCoy, Marcia v Glispie, Fitzroy

Trespass – Extinction of right to recover possession of registered land – Sections 3, 4 and 30 of limitation of actions act – Section 68 of the registration of titles act – Rule 10 of the civil procedure rules.

Gordon, Berrington v Commissioner of Police


 Application for judicial review – Rehearing by decision maker of previous decision – Breach of duty of fairness – What fairness demands when there is a rehearing - Legitimate expectation – Whether damages can be awarded for unlawful administrative action.

Giguere, Martin v Government of the United States of America and Commissioner of Correctional Services

Extradition – proceedings before magistrate – Duty of magistrate – Test for committal – Whether magistrate obliged to conduct meaningful judicial proceedings – Need for proceedings to be conducted fairly – Whether arrest in good faith - Extradition – Delay in making request – Meaning of unjust or oppressive – Habeas corpus application – Review of order for committal – Role of the reviewing court – Whether to discharge from custody.


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