The Hon. Mr. Justice Bryan Sykes

Bogle, Constantine D v Jones, Dean; Holness, Franklyn et al

Election petition - Whether candidate elegible for election - Meaning of 'has resided' in area for twelve months immediatel preceeding day of election - Whether condidate is public officer within the meaning of section 3 of Civil Service Establishment Act - Effective date of resignation - Repudiatory breach of employment contract - Whether candidate resigned from job before date of local government election.

Cameron, Mervin v Attorney General of Jamaica

Constitutional law – Allegations of violation of right to trial within a reasonable
time – Whether violation of reasonable time standard results in grant of stay
automatically – How analysis is to be done – Factors to be considered when
determining whether reasonable time standard violated – Consequences of
violation – Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, Sections 14 (3) and 16
(1) – Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 11 (b)


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