The Honourable Mrs. Justice T Hutchinson Shelly

Dunkley, Kurt v Levy, Dwight

Application for leave to appeal and for stay of proceedings – Relevant
considerations – Real prospect of success – Risk of injustice – Factors determining application for leave to apply and grant of stay

Manning-Allen, Charmaine v Caledonia Medical Laboratory Limited

ASSESSMENT OF DAMAGES – Claimant diagnosed as HIV Positive – Claimant rediagnosed
as HIV Negative – Medical negligence – Claimant suffering from Post-
Traumatic Stress Disorder – Major Depressive Disorder – Adjustment Disorder -
Expert Evidence – Relevant Guidelines – American Medical Association –
California Schedule - Damages

Foster, Delroy v Jamaica Redevelopment Foundation Inc.

Application for injunction –  Serious issue to be tried – Adequacy of damages -
Balance of convenience - Adverse possession – What is required to show exclusive undisturbed possession - Effect of a possessory title on foreclosure – Striking out

Guyah, Omar and Cordelia Brown v Rowe, Devon, Financial Secretary and the Attorney General et al consolidated with Guyah, Omar et l v Drummond, Jack and Winston Lawrence et al

Interdiction – Whether there should be a hearing before a public officer is interdicted – Whether there should be a hearing before salary is withheld upon interdiction - Whether salary constitutes property
Tort – Malicious prosecution – Whether the customs officers acted with malice in prosecuting the claimants – Whether the customs officers acted with reasonable and probable cause in prosecuting the claimants –

Wilks-Stewart, Ann-Marie v Stewart, Andrew Lloyd

Application for division of property – Property other than the family home –
Property purchased by one party to marriage – Effect of power of attorney –
Relevant factors for the acquisition of an interest in property other than family

Riley, Sheree v KVG Hireage Ltd and Roberts, Paul Anthony

Application to for 3rd further amended particulars of claimant – Application for further supplemental witness statement – Limitation period – Primary considerations – Is the amendment a new cause of action or arising from same facts – What is a disability – Injuries should be sufficiently pleaded – Prolix pleadings – Expert report – Factors for compliance.



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