The Honourable Mrs. Justice T Hutchinson Shelly

Stoddard, Jamellia v White Diamond Hotel and Resorts Limited

Civil Practice and Procedure- Negligence – Whether employer provided safe
system of work – Whether the premises were reasonably safe for the purpose for
which the claimant was permitted to be there – Handicap on the Labour Market -
Personal injury - Damages.

Gordon, Janice v Statistical Institute of Jamaica

ASSESSMENT OF DAMAGES – Negligence – Personal injury – Employer’s
liability - Whether Employer provided a safe system of work – Novus actus
interveniens – Should a Defendant be liable for adverse outcome of a surgery –
Handicap on the Labour market

Dunkley, Kurt v Levy, Dwight

Application for leave to appeal and for stay of proceedings – Relevant
considerations – Real prospect of success – Risk of injustice – Factors determining application for leave to apply and grant of stay



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