Scott, Esther; Scott, Gladstone et al v Scott, Allison

Limitation of Actions – Joint Tenancy- One Joint Owner in possession – Surviving Joint owner living overseas when property purchased and never in possession – Whether title of surviving joint owner „automatically” extinguished after 12 years – Whether children of joint owner in possession have a cause of action – Whether trial ought to be in chambers or in open court.

Morrell, Harry v Jamaica Public Service Company Limited

Contract - Under-registration of electricity consumption - Disconnection of electricity claimant commencing action against defendant for breach of contract and defamation - Claimant suffering loss resulting from rewiring of premises - Claimant contending defendant’s breach of duty caused loss - Whether defendant breached duty - Whether breach caused loss - Whether claimant entitled to damages for physical inconvenience and mental distress - Whether defendant entitled to payment for under- Registered consumption - Assessment of damages.

Venus Investments Ltd. and Chinn, Christopher v Rampassard, Paula and Rampassard, Bulie

Land – Sale of Land – Registration of Titles Act – Fraud – Summary Judgment – Whether real prospect of success – Agreement for Sale – Vendor registered on Title based on forged instrument – Purchaser unaware of Fraud – whether Purchaser entitled to be registered – Co-owner whose signature was forged to register vendor on Title seeking to reverse registration.

Stewart, Gordon v Sloley, Noel, SNR and Sloley, Noel, JNR; Brown, Gordon; Lee Sheung, Deborah and Jamaica Tours Limited

Civil procedure − Application to set aside provisional charging order – Parts 11, 17, 48 and 65 of the Civil Procedure Rules – Whether there was material non-disclosure on the without notice application for the provisional charging order – Sections 28d, 28e and 47 of the Judicature (Supreme Court) Act – Whether judge of equal jurisdiction can set aside order of other judge


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