The Hon. Mrs. Sonia Bertram-Linton

Plummer, Edgar Nathaniel v The Registrar of Titles

Civil Procedure - Striking out statement of case -  Registration of Land - Application to correct entry on certificate of title - Whether Registrar of Titles properly sued - CPR Rule 26.3(1) (c).- Registration of Titles Act sections 42, 158 and 160 - 

Adams, Orlando v Desnoes & Geddes Limited (Trading as Red Stripe)

Negligence - Employer’s liability - Occupiers Liability - Duty of care - Whether Employer provided a Safe system of work - Whether defendant liable for claimant’s medical diagnosis - Occupier’s liability - Whether premises were reasonably safe for the purpose for which the claimant was permitted to be there - Breach of contract - Whether the defendant provided adequate plant and equipment necessary for the safety of the claimant.

Hyatt, Wilfred v Hyatt, Linda

Real Property - Application for entitlement to property - Property Rights of Spouses Act - Whether property is the family home for the purposes of the act - What is the proper trigger for an application under the Act - Whether preconditions for application have been satisfied - Limitation of Actions Act sections 3, 14 and 30 - Whether co-owner has been dispossessed.

Reid, Herbert v Neita Reid, Michelle

Family Law - Division of matrimonial property - Whether property bought before marriage is matrimonial property - Whether section 13 and 14 of PROSA are relevant - Whether application under PROSA is within time - Whether husband entitled to rent for use of property.

Francis-Griffiths, Erica v Griffiths, Patricia

Application for Injunction - Criteria for grant - Judicature (Supreme Court) Act section 49(c) - Civil Procedure Rule 17 - Interim remedies-Property in the process of being purchased-Balance of Convenience - Factors to be taken into account.


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