The Hon. Mrs. Justice Sonya Wint-Blair (Acting)

Ferguson, Vincent Lee v Air Jamaica Limited

Negligence - Concealment by fraud – Statute of Limitations - Whether airline liable for luggage after passenger convicted – Whether Warsaw Convention governs the claim – Whether the claim is statute barred under the Warsaw Convention – Whether the claimant can seek a remedy to the exclusion of the Warsaw Convention.

R v Thomas, Christopher

Evidence -– Criminal proceedings – Supreme Court - Trial – Application for special measures - Video link –– Child witness - Vulnerable witness - Evidence (Special Measures) Act 2012

McCormock, Simon George v McCormock, Cecile Alicia Nadine

Property Rights of Spouses Act, sections 26, 7, 12, 13, 14 - Whether family home if one spouse owned property with former spouse during marriage – Both Residence and Ownership tests to be satisfied to be considered family home.

National Import-Export Bank of Jamaica v Montego Bay Investment Company Limited

Statutory interpretation – Sections 63 and 88 of the Registration of Titles Act – Registered land - Deed of Gift - Whether an unregistered transfer confers ownership of the land upon the transferee – Whether the execution of the instrument of transfer converts the transferor’s intention into ownership on the part of the transferee – Sale of land

Dystant, Monica v Proprietors Strata Plan #788

Application for relief from sanctions  - Distinction between application to set aside default judgment and application for relief from sanctions – Whether judge of concurrent jurisdiction can set aside judgment of another – Whether slip rule applies to error made by judge. 

Bennett, Evan v Randatt, Raymond

 Registration of Titles Act, section 63 CPR 21.7 - Whether claimant can bring claim as transferee - Wjether court should appoint claimant as representative locus standi.


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