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The Hon. Mr. Justice Kirk Anderson

Johnson, Sephlene Anne v Johnson, Clarence George

Civil procedure - Notice of application of court orders - Whether judge of concurrent jurisdiction can vary an earlier court order made by that same court, if so, in what circumstances - Consent order - Whether claim is 'res judicata'.


Mais, John Reginald v Administrator General of Jamaica

Judicial review - Substantial change of circumstances case after leave to apply granted - Whether new application for leave to apply needs to be filed - Whether claimant's statement of case can be amended with the leave of the court, specifying new grounds for judicial review - Application for specific disclosure - Variation of earlier court order made by a judge of concurrent jurisdiction - Extension of time to apply for leave - Judicial review procedure.

Williams, Nadine v Francis, Rachel; Waysome, Leemon et al

Application for order requiring 1st defendant to provide information previously requested – Whether such an order should be made – Whether such an order is necessary in order to dispose fairly of the claim or to save costs - Application for order requiring the claimant to give security for costs – Interests of justice – Other pertinent considerations – Averments as to claimant ordinarily residing out of this jurisdiction – Averments as to claimant not being known to the 1st defendant’s attorney as having assets within this jurisdiction – Weight of some of the averments made – Whether applic

Cobourne, Glen v Coubourne, Marlene

Claim for marital property – Adverse possession – Owners of property own same as tenants-in-common – Whether claimant had possessed property in circumstances excluding the defendant from possession – Presumption of possession in favour of both title holders – Application for an extension of time under Property (Rights of Spouses) Act – Factors to be considered by court upon application for an extension of time to apply to court for division of property.

Nish, Derron v The Commissioner of Police

Judicial review – Reviewing the hearing process of an inferior tribunal – Duty to act fairly – What is fairness – Nature of duty to particularize grounds of claim – Certiorari – Legitimate expectation – Natural justice.

VIP Home for the Aged Limited v Pryce, Maxine


Judgment entered in default of acknowledgement of service – Application to set aside default judgment – Whether application to set aside default judgment was filed as soon as was reasonably practicable – Failure of defendant to challenge ex parte order for service out of the jurisdiction – Mere exhibiting of draft defence and reference to the contents thereof by an attorney, is inadequate – Disputed facts.

Austin, Dale v The Public Service Commission and The Attorney General of Jamaica

Unless order - Striking out of defendant's statement of case - Whether defendants whose case has been struck out can participate in assessment of damages hearing - To whom extent can the defendants whose case has been struck out participate in an assessment of damages hearing - Fundamental rights of defendant - Proportionality of restriction on defendant's rights to objective of striking out the defendant's statement of case.


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