The Hon. Mr. Justice Evan Brown

Matheson, Joan v Lennox, Donovan and Lennox, Marlene

Property Law – Sale of Property – Authenticity of Vendor’s Signature on Agreement of Sale – Whether Fraud committed – Whether Defendant’s or their Attorney negligent on failing to seek independent legal advice.

Johnson, Annette v ER Farms and Company Limited

Employer’s Liability – Claimant injured when she stepped on a broken glass bottle – Duty of the defendant to make its premises reasonably safe and to ensure water boots were provided – Assessment of damages – Summary assessment of cost denied

Dyer, Glenford v Mechanical Services Company Limited

Employer’s Liability – Claimant injured by grinder’s blade –Defendant’s duty to provide a reasonably safe grinder – Whether res ipsa loquitur applied–Contributory negligence considered – Assessment of damages.

Blair, Fitzroy v Smith, Donovan; Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd. and Kaydon & Sons Company Limited

Negligence – Employer’s liability – Whether lineman an independent contractor or an employee – Safe system of work – JPS utility pole uprooting while the lineman was working on it – Utility pole rotten below the surface, whether JPS discharged its statutory duty to secure the public against personal injury . Assessment of damages – Principles in quantifying general and special damages

Blake, Mercedes v Blake, Andrew

Matrimonial property – Occupation rent – Principles upon which award is made – No ouster – Defendant undertaking not to occupy jointly owned property – Whether occupant in receipt of rent – Impact of delayed sale.

Thomas, Enid v Thoms, Christopher

Breach of contract – Building contract- Abandonment of construction of house – Implied condition of cooperation- Measure of damages

Tait, Billy v Salmon, Wesley

Negligence – Motor vehicle accident – Both vehicles being driven on same side of dual carriageway – Claimant’s vehicle stuck at the rear – Assessment of damages.


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