The Hon. Mr. Justice Courtney Daye

Regina v The Commissioner of Police Ex Parte Christopher Alexander Getfield

Application for Judicial Review – Certiorari - to quash
decision of Commissioner of Police to dismiss and
refusal of Re-enlistment in the Jamaica Constabulary
Force – breach of right of fair hearing – Reg. 20, 45, 46,
47 Police Services Regulation, 1961. Section 5 of
Jamaica Constabulary Force Act.

Hosang, Myra Rose v Hosand, David Anthony

Maintenance – Children – wife – Sections 4, 5, 9 and 14 of Maintenance Act, 2005. Property (Rights of Spouses) Act, 2004 Section 2, 6 and 13. – Lump-sum payment from asset of spouse – Payment mortgage arrears – Occupational rent.

Bent, Shinellee v Hudson, Oneil and Beharie, Karl et al

Application - Jurisdiction to hear claim – Claimant was not appointed personal representation of the deceased intestate estate.
Application for mother and next friend of the deceased to be appointed guardian ad litem for deceased intestate – Estate amendment to claim – Doctrine of relation back.

Powell, Everith v Graham, Lloyd and Graham, Sharon

Property (Rights of Spouses) Act 2004 Secs. 2, 6,7,13 and 14 - Division of Property - Single woman and single man - Unequal contribution to acquisition of land - Construction of house – Registered Title in joint names - Equal share rule – Variation of equal share rule -Contribution of third party

Gordon, Jhamiellah v Chevannes, Jevon Paul Devere

Assessment of Damages – Personal Injury – Proof of special damages – Self-employed, part-time worker -Whiplash – Mid and lower back – 2% permanent partial disability – Loss of earnings – Loss of earning capacity - or handicap on labour market – Method of quantification of damages – Lump sum multiplier/multiplicand.

Hussey, Percival v Wright, Paul

Default Judgment - Application to set aside Default Judgment - 2nd Application - R. 13 (1) (2) (3) of CPR 2002, as amended - Definition - Promissory Note - Sec. 83 Bill of Exchange Act - Sec. 35-36, 50 Stamp Duty Act- Enforceability of Instrument - Creation of Hire Purchase Agreement.


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